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A wild ale, refermented with red wine grapes.
Each year we bring out a new vintage. This year we chose for the Kékfrankos (Hongarian) grape variety. We used mostly neutral barrels to focus more on the base beer and the grapes. The blend consists of older beers (appr. 1-1,5 year in the barrel) to provide more complexity from the yeast. Druif has an dark red colour and has notes of cherries and blackberries with soft tannins. The beer is now at a good age: the balance between the beer and the fruit is perfect but Druif has potential for aging in the bottle. (Limit: 2 bottles/person)

Ingredients: water, organic malted barley, organic wheat, organic hops, organic red grapes (Kékfrankos), wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. 75CL. 7,8% ABV.