Shipping costs

Countries we ship toPrice
Netherlands€ 6,60
Belgium€ 8,50
Germany€ 8,80
Luxembourg, United Kingdom€ 11,80
Austria, France€ 14,55
Denmark€ 14,85
Italy€ 16,05
Spain€ 16,95
Czech Republic, Slovakia€ 17,55
Portugal€ 18,80
Finland, Ireland€ 19,70
Hungary, Poland€ 20,90
Sweden€ 21,20
Slovenia€ 21,50
Norway, Switzerland€ 27,80
Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania€ 28,45

Please note that we do not ship to any other countries. Also, orders can only be combined with shipments to one of the above mentioned countries.

Handling/packaging costs

Because of the fragility of bottles, we have to package them in high quality packaging material, and handle them with some extra care. Therefore we charge a general packaging surcharge of €0,70 per kilogram.

With 75cl bottles weighing in at roughly 1,5 kilograms, the packaging fee is €1,05 per bottle. For magnum (150cl) bottles, this fee adds up to €2,10 per bottle. We are searching for a source of cheaper, yet just as sturdy packaging material, so this price is expected to drop in the future.